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Building an art studio #5 - starting the big build

By mid June I'd got as far as putting down the battens that form the base - and had two friends booked to help me put the cabin together:


The construction technique is fairly simple as long as one makes sure everything is square and level - the timbers are all pre-cut to interlock and once you get going it's a bit like Lego:


As you build up the walls the door frame is inserted:


and then the windows (which come pre-built, missing only their glazing):


The windows are glazed, a relatively easy job - just put the sealed units in and then nail some thin trim pieces round the edges to hold them in:


Next are the apexes (the triangular bits on top of the end walls, which had to be disassembled to work due to a mistake in the instructions) and roof purlins, which the roof boards will be nailed to:


Next the roof is nailed on - we only completed part of this as I will need to make some modifications to add skylights:


We then used tarpaulins and DPM to cover the cabin until I can get the roof and the floor finished:


Huge thanks to 'Uncle' Jon and Sarah for their help - the three of us spent most of one weekend getting to this point and there is now only one pile of wood left to use up. I was impressed by the quality of what was supplied by Dunster House, there were only a few minor niggles with how things fitted together and most of it went like clockwork. There's still a lot to do but at least now we have what looks like a building!

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