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Building an art studio #4 - late delivery of a lot of wood

Unfortunately my plans of constructing the studio on the May Bank Holiday were stymied by Dunster House, who messed me about several times on the delivery date - it eventually arrived the week after in the pouring rain. It took over two hours for three of us just to unload the lorry into four large piles in front of our neighbours' garages. Over the next two days, in the pouring rain, we moved it all down a narrow path into the patch of land where it was to be built and stacked it up as the next time I would have a chance to start construction would be in June after a holiday.

Make no mistake, there was one hell of a lot of wood! We divided it into four piles (main cabin, extension cabin, main cabin roof & floor, extension roof and floor) and put it on pallets borrowed from another neighbour to keep it off the damp ground. It was supplied with some plastic coverings but these weren't really enough, so we added various tarpaulins and DPM (damp proof membrane) coverings, weighted down against the wind and rain with logs and scrap wood.


And there it sat until June, gathering a collection of ant nests, mice burrows and baby rabbits...

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