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Office conversion part 5 - the end is in sight!

Next on the list is to panel out the inside with plywood - unfortunately I chose to use the thinnest, most splintery and hard to cut plywood (but it was cheap, at least). It's beginning to look like a proper room:

The electrical supply from the house has to come a long way: from the fusebox, up under the floor of our bedroom, out the wall and through a 18 inch deep trench under the patio - which is part concrete. I had a very hard time chopping through the concrete (especially the part where I found a metal plate reinforcing the slab - I decided in the end not to cut through this but to burrow underneath it) but for most of the trench all I had to do was lift paving slabs and dig a lot:

I'd prepared the way through the house for both the electrical supply and the network cables I needed to run, so when the electrician came he had a reasonably simple job to do and finished in a single day, laying steel wire armoured cable outside and fitting a new fuse box, sockets and a light to the new office:

The spare cables you can see are 3 CAT5 network cables which are also buried in the trench - although protected in 32mm waste pipe here, and in conduit when on the walls. They run from the front hall and will carry network traffic, a phone extension and possibly an intercom (this only takes up about one and a half cables, so I have some spare wires!). I've also pulled through some orange builder's string just in case I need to put more cables in there in the future (I really don't want to dig it all up again):

The power supply all works and I've started filling in the trench: the network cables have been fitted to a proper faceplate and box to keep things tidy: here's me testing the network connection:

So now all I need to do before I move in is to finish the panelling, paint if I think it's necessary, add some shelves and a carpet - shouldn't be long now.

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