charliejuggler (charliejuggler) wrote,

Roses around the door

After many weeks I've finally finished clearing the new, fenced off veg patch in the allotment and planted out everything from the greenhouse. That makes early & maincrop potatoes, carrots, onions, celeriac, purple sprouting broccoli, courgettes, broad beans and runner beans now growing, plus I've optimistically sown some borlotti beans and dwarf French beans. In the greenhouse are two types of tomato, more courgettes, cucumber, sweet peppers, chili peppers, various boxes of salad, mini carrots and spring onions (in a container, for salad only), radishes, basil, parsley, coriander, sorrel and a single melon plant. Already in the garden from before we moved in are rhubarb, strawberries, brambles, apples, pears and cherry plums.

That should keep us going for a while - next year we'll get more fruit trees for the allotment, start an asparagus bed, a proper fruit cage and some globe artichokes. With a bit more notice everything should go in at the proper time of year - this time it's been a case of slinging it in whenever I had the ground clear enough, so I'm not sure what yields we'll get or indeed how we'll store any glut.

We also have this beautiful rose growing outside the front door: I don't think I've ever seen one with such a wonderful colour variation, from bright yellow to a velvety red/purple.


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