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Wild life

One of the great pleasures of living here is the wildlife - birds in profusion, including great tits nesting in a box just outside the living room window, herons in the field opposite, voles, lots and lots of rabbits and the occasional Muntjac deer. The latter two will cheerfully munch all our carefully grown vegetables, so I've been building a fenced-off area in the allotment over the last couple of months:

It's about 4 metres by 8 metres, and protected by chicken wire. This has been dug into a spade-depth trench, and turned outwards (rabbits will apparently only dig close to a fence, so this should stop them going underneath):

The corners need some protection:

Just a gate to fit now, which will need a special board at the bottom to prevent the bunnies going underneath. If I can finish that this week, then I have a lot to plant out: from the greenhouse: broad beans, celeriac and courgettes, plus some onions and even some very, very late potatoes. It's been a lot of work so far - turf to remove, a trench to dig and posts to hammer in, so I hope it rewards us with some tasty veg later in the year!

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